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About me

I am a researcher and consultant specializing in the intricate relationship between sustainability and development. With a background in environmental studies and economics, I utilize various quantitative methods to examine incentives, behaviors, practices, and institutional frameworks affecting natural resource management. My work focuses on understanding how human actions impact the environment, leading to depletion and the climate crisis, with far-reaching consequences for society. Through collaboration with multidisciplinary teams spanning academia, policymakers, businesses, and communities, I craft holistic solutions to pressing sustainability challenges.



Ph.D. in Economics (2020), Los Andes University

M.Sc. in Economics (2018), Los Andes University

M.Sc. in Economics (2013). Pontifical Xaverian University

B.Sc. Environmental Studies (2007) Technological University of Pereira


2020-2023. Postdoctoral Researcher. Social Sciences Department. Wageningen University & Research. Wageningen, Netherlands.

2018-2020. Adjunct Researcher. Center for Development Studies (CEDE), Los Andes University. Bogotá, Colombia.

2014-2020 Ph.D. at the School of Economics at Los Andes University.

2018. Visiting researcher. School of sustainability. Arizona State University-ASU. Tempe (AZ)

2007-2014. Associate consultant. Water and Sanitation Research Group (GIAS). Technological University of Pereira, Colombia. 

Previous appointments

Previous Appointments

Recent Projects


Carbon banking for small farmers in low-income countries.

We assess the impact of emerging carbon credit markets on livelihoods, farm management, and environmental outcomes for coffee farmers in Tanzania. Smallholders receive payments for the carbon fixed by trees in their plots, credits that are auctioned for companies to offset their impact. To do so, we evaluate an ongoing pilot using quasi-experimental techniques to measure short-term effects and design and evaluate a randomized control study conducted to study long-term effects. Work joint with Erwin Bulte and Gerald Lesseri (Wageningen University). Funded by Rabobank.

Peruvian Dance

The effect of information transfer on food waste management in tourism firms: evidence from a field experiment in Cusco, Peru. 

We design, implement, and evaluate the impacts of adopting management innovations on small and medium-sized restaurants to reduce food waste generation. Work joint with Cesar del Pozo and Francisco Alpizar (Wageningen University). Funded by Interamerican Development Bank.


Food Loop Lab

Joint with Joana Wensing, Daniel Polman, and Stephanie Begemann from Wageningen University, we work on interdisciplinary research ideas about the transition toward sustainable and circular food systems from different value chain links. We analyze and discuss the challenges from various social sciences perspectives and address them.

  • Citizens' support for policy bundles in the transition to circular food systems. Using choice experiments to determine the willingness to support complex set policies instead of simple options.

  • How does the social environment affect sustainable food behaviors? We study plant-based protein choices and how the environment and social norms, values, accessibility, affordability, and physical places, play a role in individuals' decision-making. We use an Ecological Momentary Assessment, in which we follow a sample of participants for 15 days collecting data in real-time about what they eat and information about the environment.

Recent Projects


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